Panasonic SC-GN01, innovative speakers that you can hang

Panasonic SC-GN01

Panasonic SC-GN01 is a speaker system that as a novelty are hung on the user’s shoulders. The firm ensures that this ergonomic design is ideal for its comfort and immersive experience.

The industry offers a good number of headband or in-ear, wired or wireless headphones and speakers of all kinds, large and small, but there are few like this Panasonic SC-GN01. Presented within the framework of Gamescom 2021, it is intended for games and has been designed in collaboration with Square Enix and optimized for Final Fantasy XIV, although it can be used for any game or device.

Panasonic claims to have worked on an original casing structure that is the result of numerous analyzes of human body data. The idea is to find the best integration for long periods of play.

And is that the GN01 is especially suitable for gamers, thanks to its high fidelity sound field and three sound modes:

  • RPG mode– Creates a highly immersive sense of reality and intensity, as if players are inside the virtual world of the game. This mode is perfect for role-playing games and is optimized for FINAL FANTASY XIV Online.
  • FPS mode– Provides precise audio placement that allows players to hear subtle sounds, such as footsteps, giving users an advantage in first- and third-person shooter games.
  • Voice mode– Empower and enhance human voices and help create an immersive experience. It is recommended for adventure games, where dialogue can be important to get clues and advance in the story.

The speaker also features a Music mode and Cinema mode, two options that allow you to enjoy the product in different situations. The neck speaker also features a high-performance dual microphone with noise and echo cancellation, allowing you to have clear conversations regardless of the surround sound from the speaker.

In addition, Panasonic has developed True MAGESS (Majestic Augmented Gaming Environment Sound System) to deliver full 4-channel range and surround sound in all directions around the neck. It is also compatible with multi-channel content, such as 5.1 channel, played as surround sound.

The product adds to the manufacturer’s current gaming range, made up of the SC-HTB01 and SC-HTB01FF sound bars -Final Fantasy edition- and the 2021 OLED televisions, which incorporate the Game Mode Extreme. Panasonic SC-GN01 will be available from October at retailers such as Amazon for 179 euros.

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