A collection of classic Star Wars games leaks by THQ Nordic

A collection of classic Star Wars games leaks by THQ Nordic

To this day, Star Wars is one of the most beloved sagas and franchises in any field: games, movies, series… The brand, owned by Disney, has in its past brilliant games like Knights of the Old Republic and the long-remembered Star Wars Battlefront 2, but much more.

But since it has been happening for a long time, the past can remain as it is, or return in the form of port / remaster / remake. For this reason, it seems that in THQ Nordic have been planning for a while to relaunch some Classic games from the Star Wars saga on PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

What’s more, all this has been known by a recent leak where indicated, the company seeks to republish these games on consoles. It may not be celebrated by some, but those who couldn’t play them back in the day, or they look for their games again, they will be satisfied.

Specifically, it appears that the games in question will be Star Wars Jedi Knight and its sequel Jedi Knight 2, launched under an assumption Star Wars Jedi Knight Collection. But there is still more, it will be four games in total according to the leak.

Other games in question will be Star Wars: Republic Commando and Star Wars Episode 1: Racer. Extra details, about whether they will have a physical launch, it is not known, but it is not surprising since it is still unknown to us what plans there are in THQ, beyond that there will be two packs on PS4 and Switch.

The first of them, Star Wars: Jedi Knight Collection, seems to include the two Jedi Knight games, but not to mention the expansion Mysteries of the Sith. The other pack unites Episode 1: Racer and Republic Commando which, although unusual, Both packs will be released on October 8.

As you can see, all this has been discovered by Gematsu and published on his Twitter, but as the tweet also says, all these games are available digitally. Star Wars Episode I: Racer came to Xbox One, Switch and PS4 last year, Republic Commando made it to PS4 and Switch this April.

For now, the single most pressing question is if they will come to Xbox One and Series X | S consoles, since the filtration only mentions PlayStation and Nintendo platforms.

Analysis of Star Wars Episode I Racer for PS4 and Nintendo Switch

For now, we will have to wait for more details at a later date to know all the details about it. Do youWhat do you think of all this now from THQ Nordic??

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