Every time there is less left for Dexter, one of the series most loved as well as hated for its original ending, begin your journey of redemption with a ninth season that Showtime has titled as Dexter: New Blood.

That original ending showed Dexter fleeing Miami and taking refuge on the other side of the country, becoming a lumberjack and leaving a lot of questions in the air and in the minds of fans.

With the proximity of the episodes of season 9 of Dexter, the showrunner of the new season, and showrunner of the first 4, Clyde phillips, and Michael C. Hall have spoken on Dexter’s panel on the tour of the Television Critics Association.

Both were very understanding of the feelings raised by the original ending of the series. Hall highlighted the fact that many fans felt that Dexter had not been given an ending, but instead stayed up in the air.

In the statements collected by Collider, showrunner Clyde Phillips has called Dexter: New Blood “a 10-hour movie” and has said that the series will return to its essence, which was the legacy of “parents and children.”

Along these lines, Phillips has confirmed that the season will feature Harrison, Dexter’s son who was five years old when he fled Miami, and now a big man, he feels great resentment for his father after learning that he was alive.

Naturally, they didn’t go into much detail, and they didn’t answer with certainty when asked if Dexter: New Blood was the start of a new “full-time” stage for Michael C. Hall’s monster.

What do you think that Dexter and Harrison are going to meet again in Dexter season 9?