Where to find all the paintings in 12 Minutes

Where to find all the paintings in 12 Minutes

In this mysterious story in a time loop that seems to repeat itself over and over again there are subtle changes in each of the reboots in the form of certain silhouettes or pictures of the paintings that are scattered throughout the entire house, and that if you can see them you will be able to complete one of the most mysterious collectibles.

And it is that more than one object changes as you advance in the story, especially three paintings with several variables each one that change with the passage of different time loops and that if you manage to see each of these paintings you will obtain an achievement, of the hardest.

These three pictures change after certain discoveries or certain time loops, and they are in the bedroom, in the kitchen and on the sofa.

Where to find all the paintings in 12 Minutes


This achievement is related to the painting in the bedroom, and a couple appears on a balcony.

  • The first version is visible from loop one to loop eight and you can see a couple surrounded by white flowers.
  • The second version you have after at least nine loops, and now the pair is separated.
  • The third version can be seen after the first sequence of the father’s interrogation, where only the man and a monster remain.


  • The first version is visible in the first loop
  • The second version appears in loop two through eight
  • The third version from loop nine and until the end of the game

But there is a fourth version that is only available after the father’s first interrogation sequence.


  • It’s visible in loop one and it’s just an egg
  • Another version appears after the first sequence of the father’s interrogation and an eye appears on top of the egg.
  • The latest version to appear you must choose to be alone in the second questioning of the father, also accept that he will never see his daughter again. There after the game restarts, you need to look at the painting of the egg where it is now a snake.

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