Red Dead Redemption 2 and its differences in Japan: less blood and nudes

Red Dead Redemption 2 and its differences in Japan: less blood and nudes

Have you ever wondered what the versions of Red Dead Redemption 2 in Japan would be like in terms of differences from the rest? Well, think no more since the Twitter user and Rockstar insider “Ben” has told it in great detail; but there is much less blood and nudity.

Through a thread on his account, he has detailed that Japanese versions of the game have much less skin overall, either in sexual and graphic content, such as blood. The game files were changed a lot to comply with Japanese regulations, although there are more.

Needless to say these changes were only made in the Japan version of the game, as may be obvious. “I was curious about the content that was changed in the Japanese version of RDR2, so I spent 10 hours searching and digging through the files“Ben said in his thread.

Due to Japanese rating regulations, Rockstar had to remove nudity and lower the gore level. With the help of modding and my extensive knowledge of the game, it was possible to see these changes on PC!“.

Rockstar changed many files (hundreds maybe) to lower the gore and be able to publish the game in Japan. According to these, Rockstar edited Van Horn, Serial Killer Basement, and Roanoke Ridge.“Ben continued on Twitter.

I have spent a good time comparing textures between the standard version and the indoor edited version, from what I have seen so far some gore textures were removed or have undergone changes“, we leave you with the thread inserted just below.

There was another change to the mission ‘Paying for a social call’ in chapter 2, where in a scene where Dutch forcibly takes off Kieran’s pants. However, in the Japanese version there is an extra texture put on his leg.“.

These changes will not appear unless you play the Japanese version, but there is a ‘rowpack_0’ file that has all the gore materials. I don’t even think this file was included in the Japanese version“.

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Last week Red Dead Online offered double rewards in robberies of camps or farms, stay tuned because more news will surely arrive in this one.

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