When we talk about an adaptation of the Green Lantern comics to the audiovisual world, all lfans of the DC comics character they tremble because none of them have forgotten the terrible adaptation that Warner made in 2011 starring Ryan Reynolds.

An issue that also concerned Finn Wittrock, star of the new Green Lantern series for HBO Max, but who knows that he will be able to overcome thanks to the fact that the television adaptation, whose showrunner is Seth Grahame-Smith, is going to be very different from the film.

“It is something that I have always had in mind. In a way, the show is better. I think it offers us the opportunity to reinvent the whole story. I mean, no offense to the movie. It is what it is but with the series you will not have people who are scared remembering the film, because it is their own story “, explained Wittrock in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

“There is a lot of history in the comics, that’s why I think it’s too much to fit in a movie. We have much more time and space thanks to HBO, to explore everything on a much larger scale. I think it will be very different from the movie, the truth, “acknowledges the actor who promises that the series will be very epic.

“People are going to be very, very surprised. It’s really cool how the story has spread. It is quite epic. It expands through time and space and has something that everyone is going to like. It is not a story of superheroes like the others “, clarified Wittrock.

Undoubtedly this is going to be a new experience for this actor who has been hardened in Ryan Murphy’s television series such as Ratched or American Horror Story.