It’s not the first time we’ve mentioned a gamer wedding here, but in this case, the gift on the occasion of the special celebration has been exceeded for its incredible level of detail and love put into it.

As you could see on Reddit, the user known as Nilius julius published the personalized gift that he had made at the wedding of one of his friends. As we said after this, it will be difficult to overcome.

The special gift is a custom Game Boy Pocket for the occasion with a silver casing and a backlit screen … but that’s not the most impressive, of course not, but This console comes with a special game that recreates the wedding between the lucky couple.

The user used a Game Boy developer kit to produce a playable recreation of a friend’s wedding ceremony. Needless to say, the game at the gameplay level does not offer much, but the result is fascinating for the implication and the final product itself.

This game is based on the text and a small mechanic in which the characters have to select the option “Yes, I want” at the same time. In addition, the representation of the happily married and background music is also included.

The game comes with its own cartridge and box with the protagonists and their pets. What do you think of this gift? Would you like them to give you a present of this caliber? Up here we have left you the video of the gift.

The gift of Game Boy Pockets is not the first time we have seen it. A few months ago, a Pokémon fan created the perfect Valentine’s Day gift: GameBoy Pocket with a modified “Pink Pokémon”.

Source: Kotaku