If you hate the interface of your TV, this Android TV Box fixes it and costs only 26 euros

If you hate the interface of your TV, this Android TV Box fixes it and costs only 26 euros

If you want to see the best streaming content on your TV but you don’t want to spend money on a Smart TV or your television is perfectly fine, you can always go to the Android TV Box and use Android on the big screen.

And if you don’t want to go over budget, you have one of the best low cost Android TV Box on the market at a much more affordable price: single 26.99 euros, since it has a 3 euro discount coupon on Amazon.

This little box Supports 4K decoding and ALICE UX works. It has root on / off function, automatic frame rate and emulated WiFi, all with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage expandable up to 128GB. It also supports Bluetooth 4.0 and works with Android TV 9.0.

Its memory and storage are more than enough to launch applications and games smoothly, although you can also add additional TF card to expand storage up to 128GB, a good way to store and watch your favorite videos.

Works with a 64-bit Quad Core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU, a powerful processor that supports the system and provides a high quality image. So this Android TV Box is a good solution to be the core of your home theater experience.

As we have already told you, has Bluetooth 4.0, so you can connect a wireless keyboard to navigate more comfortably through its interface or even wireless headphones to listen to your favorite songs or watch movies and series with a cinema quality.

And don’t forget that, as it works with Android TV, This device will allow you to enter the Google Play Store to download other applications you want to use. Not to mention that it includes the Google voice assistant. This way you can give orders to the television.

Take advantage of this discount coupon and turn your traditional TV into a Smart TV with all the laws for very little: only 26.99 euros. Take advantage of Amazon prime and receive it tomorrow at your home at no additional cost to release it as soon as possible.

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