Videogames have reached a greater significance in world culture, and the gala of the EuroPlay Video Games Contest is good proof of it. The next 26 of August the second edition will take place, and we already know which will be the Spanish representative.

In order to decide which video game represented Spain in the EuroPlay Video Games Contest 2021, DEV organized a nationwide contest … of which it has emerged victorious The Occultist. This game developed by Pentakill studios has been selected from among 18 candidates.

The second edition of the EuroPlay Video Games Contest It will be held on August 26, as part of the Cologne video game fair, Gamescom. It must be said that the first edition, held last year, had a Spanish winner: Melbits POD.

Thanks to the push of Ukie and other European developer associations, the EuroPlay Video Games Contest 2021 gala will be presented by influencer Mr. Midas, and can be followed live on the official channel of YouTube, Twitch and also in Twitter.

During the aforementioned gala, 15 games will fight to seize the throne from Spain … unless The Occultist can repeat their triumph in this year’s edition. Will be exhibited the trailers and videos of each one, and so much the jury and the public will be able to decide who is the winner.

The goal of the event is the opportunity to connect the finalists with publishers, investors and the media. For it, Finalist studies will be invited to participate in an exclusive virtual exhibition on August 18‘, you can read in the statement.

The Occultist has achieved victory in the selection competition, but that does not mean that the rest of the candidates were not of enormous quality. For instance, Aeterna Noctis has managed to sneak into the top 10. This is the complete list of the 10 highest rated games:

  1. The Occultist by Pentakill Studios
  2. Desolatium by Superlumen
  3. Lethal Honor Essence by Viral Studios
  4. Die After Sunset by Playstark Games
  5. Forgotten Fragments by Binary Phoenix
  6. Hell Of An Office by 43 Studios
  7. Akita: King Pig Thinks by Pink Karuma Games
  8. Hostlight by Esdip Games
  9. Aeterna Noctis, by Aeternum Game Studios
  10. Dead Fred: Big trouble in little limbo, by Gorilla Punk

As a note, the jury that awarded The Occultist victory at the national gala has also been detailed. In it we can find Alba Iniesta, Curro Rueda and Deborah López Rivas, representing the press, video game development and management of studios and companies.

The EuroPlay Video Games Contest 2021 will be held on August 26, during the Gamescom 2021 gala. You can follow the event live, and from Hobby Consolas we want to wish good luck to The Occultist, so you can repeat the success of Melbits POD.

Source: DEV