Zack Snyder shares one of Ben Affleck’s first costume fittings as Batman in 2013

Zack Snyder shares one of Ben Affleck's first costume fittings as Batman in 2013

The paper of Batman It is one of the most coveted roles in Hollywood, but it also carries a very special weight under the hood and cape of the Dark Knight of Gotham. Ben affleck can give a good account of it after his tenure on paper between 2014 and 2016.

The actor played Batman in Justice League (in addition to the Snyder Cut that would arrive in 2021) and in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. He was also going to write, direct, and star in The Batman, but ended up disengaging from the project.

We will still see Affleck’s Dark Knight again in The Flash, the movie starring Ezra Miller, where we will also have Michael Keaton like his version of Batman.

Yesterday was Ben Affleck’s birthday, and Zack snyder wanted to celebrate by sharing one of the first photos of the actor wearing part of the Batman outfit during the 2013 costume fittings for the filming of Batman v superman.

It is a simple, but unpublished image of the actor in the suit, which would change quite little in the face of what we finally saw in the film where he would face the Superman of Henry cavill.

Currently, it appears that the Warner and DC Films departs from Zack Snyder and whatever vision the director had of the DC UniverseBut we all know that the industry takes a lot of turns.

As we say, Ben Affleck will once again be his iteration of Batman in The Flash movie, under the direction of Andy Muschietti. After? Who knows. Michael Keaton is living proof that who once was Batman … will always be Batman.

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