At the end of the month he will return Travis touchdown, one of the most irreverent characters in the world of Nintendo, and who starred in two cult games on Wii. No More Heroes 3 will be released exclusively on Nintendo Switch on August 27, eleven years after the second part, although in between there has been an “interlude” called Travis Stikes Again and versions of the games on PS4 and Steam.

Goichi Suda, Suda51, has finally been able to complete the trilogy, although he does not consider it the end, and is already thinking of a fourth installment and even a spin-off. Really, talks about No More Heroes 4 hypothetically, and he does not want to anticipate anything, but it shows that at least he has considered that possibility … and even already has ideas of what it would be like.

In an interview for GameXplain, Suda51 draws a parallel between Travis Touchdown and Rocky. “Much of Travis’s story mirrors that of Rocky Balboa. So if Grasshopper were to do No More Heroes 4, what he would want to do (which doesn’t mean it will eventually happen) is make a story that mirrors Rocky IV, where Rocky faces Drago. “

In No More Heroes 4, Travis would face a super hardcore enemy from the north. which would basically be Ivan Dragon’s No More Heroes version of Rocky IV. Again, this would be assuming Grasshopper was going to make the game. I am not saying that this is how the game will be or that it will happen, but that I would like to do it.

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Suda51 explained that, for No More Heroes 4 to exist, it is the decision of the publusher Marvelous, owners of 90% of the IP. The commercial performance of this No More Heroes 3 could influence Marvelous’ decision to produce the game.

Of course, even if they gave the go-ahead, we would have to wait, because Suda51 believes that “I would probably do it in about 10 yearsboth in real life and in game“.

Suda51, however, is very interested in a spin-off starring Shinobu jacobs, a character that appears in the first two games and is playable in the Travis Strikes Again DLC.

ANDI’m considering giving Shinobu his own spin-off. Maybe other characters, but Shinobu in particular. The thing is, No More Heroes is not my IP, Marvelous has the majority of the IP and Grasshopper only a part. The problem is that we cannot go and do what we want with these characters, but everyone at Grasshopper is well aware of the importance of Shinobu as a character, and is even iconic to some fans. “

“In fact, her relationship with Travis seems to have been very popular. I have thought a lot about developing Shinobu further in various ways. But from the authorship of the IP, I cannot confirm anything, but I’d be very happy to give Shinobu his own game, or even have him appear in other games, as an indie as a guest character. “

If all goes well, it may take us 10 years to see No More Heroes 4, but possibly before we have a spin-off similar to Travis Strikes Again, but with Shinobu. What role will you play in No More Heroes 3?

Source: GameXplain, via Nintendo Everything