As James Gunn’s remake of Suicide Squad continues to fight for its place at the worldwide box office, David Ayer continues to fight for his version of Suicide Squad to be released, which according to him, is very different from the one seen in theaters.

But Ayer is not alone in his fight, well many fans also want to see the Yesterday Cut, as in their day they wanted the Snyder Cut of Justice League to be released, and with that objective, some of them have created the Twitter ReleasTheAyerCut, in which since Friday, excerpts from the script of the film are being published from the director.

And between fragment and fragment of the script, the Twitter account has published an image that has left more than one speechless, because it is starring Harley Quinn and Deadshot kissing. A scene that did get shot, because as you can see in the photo, they are Will Smith and Margot Robbie disguised as their characters from the film.

Of course, Ayer himself has been excited about the premiere of this new Twitter account, which already has more than 21,000 followerss, and when one of the users asked how many of the scenes that can be read in the script were actually recorded, the director he has had no problem confirming that they are “all of them”.

Although Zack Snyder finally got his version of Justice League released, pIt seems pretty unlikely that Warner is going to budge on Yesterday’s version of Suicide Squad., especially after James Gunn has remade a film that critics and audiences have loved.

It will be necessary to see if the social pressure exerted by the fans through social networks achieves one more victory and Warner yields by premiering the Suicide Squad Yesterday Cut.