Apex Legends lead designer fired for racist and sexist comments made in 2007

Apex Legends lead designer fired for racist and sexist comments made in 2007

Apex Legends, a popular battle royale developed by Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts has been part of the controversy after it became known that Daniel Z Klein, one of the main developers of the game, has been fired in a sudden way.

It’s all because a video (already deleted) has brought to light a series of comments made in 2007 by this developer. Several images of these sexist and racist comments circulated on Twitter at the end of the month, generating an almost immediate consequence for Klein.

The designer confirms the veracity of the news with statements in which he claimed to have said such things, while explaining that his attitude had radically changed in the present.

I want to be very open here and say that I am heartbroken and depressed, explained. It has been a very dark few days. You may or may not have seen the horrible and bigoted things I said in 2007. I totally agree that THAT guy should have been fired.

I have invested so much energy in becoming a better person since then, and now I am simply very depressed because I feel like I will never be able to make up for what I was.

I said racist and sexist things, not because I deeply believed in any of them, but because I knew that it could provoke a reaction in people. That doesn’t excuse anything I said; the impact of my words was the same regardless of what I said, commented the ex-developer.

Following the news, some colleagues have asked for understanding for Klein, such as Respawn’s communications director, Ryan rigney who commented that something said in 2007 may not reflect a person today.

This revelation has generated a lot of debate on social media. Meanwhile, Apex Legends is in another mess. Recently, a report revealed that the DDoS attacks on Titanfall and Apex Legends had a hidden intention: to revive the canceled free to play of Titanfall.

Source: PC Gamer

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