Strauss Zelnick is the current Take Two CEO, where in a recent meeting with shareholders he said that make remasters different from the competition. “I’m not sure there is a major part to the strategy“Zelnick began by saying.

Remastering has always been a part of our strategy. We make the remasters different from the competition, they are not just ports, we take the time to do the best job we can to create a different title in the new release and for the new technology in which we publish it“.

If technology is improved, we improve its appearance and create performance improvements. And that’s why I think our remastered titles do so well“He kept saying. And now this, in addition to other things, has increased the rumors about a remaster of past games in the GTA saga.

Apparently the own Take-Two has revealed that they have three new projects on the way., although in none of them names have been given. The three unannounced games are scored as “new iterations of titles already published“, which could be remake or remaster.

They have been mentioned alongside the GTA V rerun for the new generation of consoles on Xbox Series X | S and PS5, in addition to GTA Online. But nevertheless, it may not be about anything in the end about the GTA saga.

We have done very well with the Mafia saga, for example“Zelnick kept saying,”And now Grand Theft Auto V is approaching its third generation of consoles, which is amazing“.

If at least one, or more of these games yet to be announced, are related to the GTA saga perhaps the clearest option would be GTA III. October marks 20 years since its premiere, although the first original GTA turns 25 also in October.

Perhaps in this respect a remake would do it much more justice, but after all this is nothing more than speculative. Do youWhat do you think?

GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas would arrive in a pack and remastered, according to several insiders

For now, we will be waiting for any news about Take-Two, whatever it is, it would arrive this year at the beginning of next year.