In addition to demonstrating that there are obviously human beings much more physically powerful than the vast majority, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games have also served to allow athletes to unleash their geek side, perhaps because they were celebrated, precisely in the country that invented anime and manga.

And if yesterday we were speechless with the gesture of a Greek Olympic jumper who after imitating the gesture of the protagonist of One Piece managed to win gold in his category, today those who have dazzled have been the gymnasts of Uzbekistan.

And it is that young athletes have surprised the world with a lovely set inspired by the anime of sailor Moon, in which the unmistakable red bow of the protagonist is clearly appreciated. And not only that, because as many users of social networks have collected, their routine has also started with the intro of the television series.

However, although Luffy’s gesture from One Piece gave luck to the Greek jumper, Sailor Moon’s routine has not managed to qualify the Uzbek gymnasts, placing them in ninth place, one place less than the qualifier.

sailor Moon It is one of the oldest manga, being its first publication in 1991 and the last one in 1997, has managed to survive over several generations thanks to its anime that has conquered people from all over the world, both men and women.

Undoubtedly a great tribute to do during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games that have celebrated their closing ceremony today.