The Ultrabonus part 2 dedicated to space, and with it the possibility of facing and getting to Palkia in the five-star raids, even its shiny variant if we’re lucky.

And it is that Palkia is one of the most powerful legendary of Pokémon Go, and if you are going to want to defeat it to add it to your Pokedex, you are going to have to know not only its great movements, but also what creatures you could use to knock it down.

We are not just going to tell you what are Palkia’s weaknesses, but also the Pokémon that you should use against the creature with some movements that we recommend to make it much easier for you.

How to beat Palkia in Pokémon Go Ultrabonus raids Part 2 Space: best attacks and cons

First of all, clarify that the Ultrabonus part 2 event dedicated to space has started on August 6 and will be available until Tuesday, August 17 at 8:00 p.m. local time.

Palkia’s weaknesses

As you well know, Palkia is a creature of water and dragon, so it is weak against dragon and fairy types. On the other hand, it is very resistant to steel, fire and water type Pokémon, so they are not highly recommended that you use them.

Cons of Palkia

  • Dialga, using his Draco Meteor or Dragon Breath moves
  • Rayquaza using his dragon tail moves and anger
  • Salamance used his Dragon Tail and Draco Meteor moves
  • Zekrom using his dragon breath moves and anger
  • Reshiram using the Draco Meteor and Dragon Breath moves
  • Dragonite using his dragon tail moves and anger
  • Garchomp used his dragon tail moves and anger
  • Gardevoir used his magic glow and charm moves
  • Togekiss using the magic glow and charm moves
  • Granbull used charm and carantoña moves

Palkia’s moves in Pokémon Go

These are all the moves you can perform as a raid boss:

  • Dragon tail
  • Dragon breath
  • Draco Meteor
  • Fire explosion
  • Hydropump
  • Aqua tail

Catching Palkia

You have to defeat him in one of these five-star raids and you have him available until next Friday, August 20.

As a raid boss you will have a CP of 54,793, so at least join five other trainers.

With a little luck you could get its variocolor version, but you will have to do dozens and dozens of games and confrontations against the creature.

So with the above, you already have all the necessary ingredients to beat Palkia in five-star raids in Pokémon GO. On the other hand, check all the tasks, events and rewards of August.

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