If you are a fan of Dragon Ball, you love to have merchandising from this series. And it is that Dragon Ball is more than a manga or an anime: it is history. The legend of Son Goku and his friends saving the world from countless enemies has duped millions of fans around the world.

Banpresto is one of the manufacturers of figurines that stands out the most among fans of this anime, as its finishes are spectacular. Proof of this is this figure of Vegetto, 100% faithful to the vignette of the original manga that it portrays, and which is now downgraded to 25 euros.

Get this Vegetto figure from Banpresto for 25 euros!

This figure portrays one of the vignettes from chapter 505 of the original Dragon Ball manga, during the battle between Vegetto (which made its appearance in chapter 503) and Super Boo after it had absorbed Gohan.

The figure It is officially licensed by Banpresto and comes in its original box, with base support included. It is a very well assembled figure, so the base will hold it without problem for Vegetto to give his particular stop.

It has dimensions of 15.24 x 15.24 x 20.32 centimeters and brighter colored finishes. The hair is painted in golden color, which gives it a different touch if we compare it with other figures in the Dragon Ball collection.

In fact, the hair glows and reflects the light very well, which gives a touch of power to the character. The figure is very well built and there is not a single color that is not where it should be, faithfully representing the character. Without a doubt, a great addition to your shelf or that of any fan of this series.

And the best thing is that it is lowered to 25 euros And it enjoys free shipping, whether or not you are an Amazon Prime customer, being able to receive the figure next week, a fairly fast delivery. However, if you buy it with a Amazon prime, you will receive it this weekend.

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