¿Por qué Jaime Altozano es tendencia en Twitter? La virtud en las redes

Why is Jaime Altozano a trend on Twitter? The virtue in the networks

For practically all of Friday, when reviewing the list of Twitter trends we find Jaime Altozano. And knowing what Twitter is like, the first thing many will have thought about is that something has happened to him or that he has been involved in some controversy. And that’s how Twitter works, right? Personal mentions are usually limited to this type of situation or, in the worst case, to the death of those indicated, something that I have not even raised in the case of Altozano because of his youth.

But no, the reason why Jaime Altozano is trending on Twitter is that today, August 5, is his day. And it is not the first time it happens, It has been held since 2019 and, on this day, many of his followers change their name and image on the social network, to adopt the role of the music disseminator. The fastest way to distinguish the real Altozano account, in addition to its username and the verified badge, is because its name is different (although I don’t know if the change is limited exclusively to today), today you can find it as Jacobo Montañitas.

Throughout Jaime Altozano’s day, his followers fill Twitter with memes focused on him youtuber, while praising its dissemination work and recognizing its merits. And at this point I acknowledge that I am not impartial, as is proven by my patronage on Patreon of his work for two years now. However, this event is purely festive and humorous, on this occasion the presence of the fifth subdominant, the Phrygian mode and the diatonic scale are used, almost exclusively, to complete memes and make rhymes that I will not reproduce here.

And I think that this event, Jaime Altozano’s day, deserves to be reviewed for several reasons. The first is that, even knowing the work and the people, I am still surprised to see the convening power that a disseminator may have. And I introduce this nuance because yes, I am already a few years old, but they do not escape me and I understand phenomena such as those of AuronPlay, Ibai, Rubius, etc. But in this case we are talking about a young musician who disseminates musical theory and analyzes musical compositions, the same The soundtrack of The Lord of the Rings or Star Wars that The evil want, of Rosalía, passing through Christmas carols .

Yes, Disclosure is a type of content that has proliferated on YouTube in recent years, giving rise to the success of channels such as La Hiperactina, CdeCiencia, Antroporama, QuantumFracture, A toda leche, SizeMatters, DotCSV, Derivando, Alex Riveiro … the list is endless, and as in the case of Jaime Altozano, we are talking about creators of content that has managed to attract audiences, in some cases very, very young, to educational content. We must not lose sight of what this means, both in relation to YouTube and creators, and in relation to the younger generations.

On the other hand, and as I said at the beginning, it is comforting to see a name in Twitter trends and, when you click on it, see that the reason for being is a celebration of this type. That speaks a lot, and very well, of Jaime Altozano, of his community and, by extension, of the communities that are created around some content creators. In a network full of hate, this is almost countercultural.

Unfortunately we are used to the fact that when a youtuber or a streamer is reviewed by the media, and especially by the traditional ones, it usually happens on account of some controversy, and the problem is that this generates, especially those who do not know these new media, a tremendously skewed image, due to the negative, of what happens on YouTube, Twitch, etc. Jaime Altozano’s day not only seems like a tribute to this creator, but also a reminder that there is much, and much better, than those videos that, unfortunately, end up being the only thing that many people know about these services.

August 5 is not the international or world day of anything, the closest event of this type is the international day of beer, which will be celebrated tomorrow. And I think it would make sense to say that it would still be a good idea dedicate this date to the dissemination on the networks. Although Jaime Altozano’s day is, today, a meme, it would make sense for it to transcend in these terms to celebrate a new way of spreading knowledge. Although, of course, the bad part would be to steal a bit of prominence from Altozano , and that doesn’t seem so good to me anymore.





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