Strauss Zelnick, current CEO of Take-Two, has had a surprising response regarding the withdrawal of the GTA V mods. This past July, various mods from the GTA saga that have been available for a long time, have been eliminated.

First it happened with two well-known mods of GTA V, which were retired after taking years available. A week later, numerous GTA San Andreas and Vice City mods were also removed, some of them huge and very popular.

This, perhaps stunning many GTA saga users and players, did nothing but stoking rumors of remakes or remasters for new consoles. After all, it has been heard for a while that GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas would arrive in a pack and remastered.

However, and Nothing is further from realityThis does not seem to be the reason, far from it; perhaps for now, of course, these types of plans are not to be cheated. Now his own Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick has answered sincerely.

As we said, it has been a surprising statement by Zelnick, but it all depends on who reads it, and even when they do it. These statements come to us thanks to Stephen Totilo from Axios Gaming.

Through his Twitter account, he states that an analyst asked Zelnick about the Recent mod removals in the GTA saga. “We are quite flexible“, He said, “but if the economy can be threatened or if there is inappropriate behavior, eliminations like this occur“.

This does not answer questions about remasters or remakes of the most classic GTAs on previous generations of consoles. Of course, it makes it clear that the modding community is not calm, at any moment something else can happen.

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Now we ask you,What do you think of the statements of Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two, about the elimination of mods in the GTA saga?