Boeing postpone el vuelo de prueba de la Starliner

Boeing postpones Starliner test flight

Second delay for the test flight of the Boeing Starliner, and as we already told you a few weeks ago, it was initially scheduled for last Friday, July 30. As we already told you at the time, if the test was suspended, the closest date would be August 3, that is, today. And indeed the first launch was postponed after the problem of the Russian probe last Thursday and that after reaching the ISS and docking, it activated its thrusters.

As a safety measure, the Starliner test flight was postponed until it was clear what had happened and, above all, that conditions were already safe. And it is that, remember, the Starliner has to perform a full, unmanned flight to the International Space Station and, obviously, return to Earth. The objective is to check that the ship is safe so that, in case everything goes well, it can carry out its first test flight, already manned, before the end of the year.

The flight was rescheduled for today at 7:20 pm (Spanish peninsular time), but the combination of a dubious weather forecast and, above all, a problem with the valves in the pod drive system, has made the launch was postponed again. Of course, in this case the delay will be only a few hours, since it has been rescheduled for 18.57 (again Spanish time) tomorrow, Wednesday, something that gives us to understand that the problem with the valves has already been identified and solved .

The Starliner program is very important to NASA, as it offers an alternative to the services of SpaceX and its Crew Dragon. And no, This does not mean that the US space agency has a problem with Elon Musk’s company., well, it’s not like that. The problem is depending on a single company to transport astronauts and scientists to and from the International Space Station. And it is that in case of any problem of SpaceX, having no alternative would force the agency to revert to dependence on the Russian Soyuz.

With the Starliner operational, Boeing would once again be added to NASA’s list of suppliers, and in a future in which it seems that space activity is going to increase substantially, everything indicates that there will be more than enough activity for both vehicles. , Starliner and Crew Dragon, not to mention the plans that other companies in the private sector may have in this regard.





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