YouTube Premium Lite: Google tests a cheaper subscription

YouTube Premium Lite: Google prueba una suscripción más económica

The simple fact that Google is testing YouTube Premium Lite already tells us a few things most interesting. Of course, we are talking about assumptions, since there is no official statement about it (except for the confirmation of the test). However, it is always interesting to put on the glasses to interpret these steps. And it is that, for example, in this case we could be seeing a sign of weakness of YouTube Premium in Europe, which would coincide with the sensation «at street level».

But, let us start at the beginning. As you may already know, YouTube has been offering YouTube Premium for a long time, which, for 11.99 euros per month, removes ads, allows background playback, and allows content to be downloaded for offline consumption, both with YouTube and YouTube Music.

If you are a YouTube user, over the last year surely you will have noticed a significant increase in the amount of advertising displayed during videos. It is still well below, yes, of what is shown on televisions, but it is possible to have a couple of advertising inserts during a 15-minute video. YouTube Premium avoids this, and YouTube Premium Lite does too, but for a substantially lower price.

As you may already know, the price of YouTube Premium is 11.99 euros per month, while the modality YouTube Premium Lite would have, if the one it has in this test phase, and a price of 6.99 euros. The proof, as we can read on The VergeIt is taking place in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden, which is why I read this news in the key of the old continent.

As we already told you some time ago, Twitch is going to lower the price of subscriptions in practically the whole world and, although we are waiting to know the prices for European countries, everything indicates that they will be lower than those of subscriptions in United States. It is possible that, with YouTube Premium Lite, Google is also considering a reduced rate model that, potentially, could be more attractive to European users.

Now, it is important to clarify that, unlike the Twitch billing model by countries, in this case The YouTube Premium Lite proposal is substantially different from the one offered by the original serviceThe only advantage it offers over the free use of the platform is the elimination of advertising, but it does not allow downloading to consume offline or playing in the background.

Thus, there are already those who consider that 6.99 euros per month just for eliminating advertising is an excessive price, while others find it a more than appropriate price, in exchange for ending advertising cuts in the middle of a video or throughout from a YouTube Music playlist. In this case, undoubtedly, lhe sense of perceived value with YouTube Premium Lite changes a lot from one person to another.

And as I indicated at the beginning, it is a movement that fits me with the perception I have of how this service is working. To summarize it to the fullest: I do not know a single person who has hired him. I have the feeling that their reception must have been much lower than expected by Google, and that is why they are now studying a cheaper modality. YouTube Premium Lite could be an attempt to add users to a service that in my perception (perhaps wrong, I do not deny it) has not finished taking off.

What do you think? Are you a YouTube Premium subscriber? Would you subscribe to YouTube Premium Lite to view YouTube content without advertising? Or do you prefer to see a few ads and still enjoy the free version of the service?

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