What if you use a slow SSD with your PS5? We tell you

¿Qué pasa si utilizas un SSD lento con tu PS5?

Support for third-party SSD drives is already a reality in the Sony console, But what if you use a slow SSD with your PS5? I think this is the most important question that remained in the heads of our readers when we analyzed the minimum requirements set by Sony, and today, finally, we can give you a more precise answer, thanks to the folks at Insomniac.

Before we get into the matter, I want to remind you that using a slow SSD with your PS5 will not give you any compatibility problems. As we saw at the time, the 5.5 GB / s speed that Sony listed is not a limiting requirement, that is, nothing prevents you from installing a PCIE Gen4 SSD limited to 3 GB / s, for instance. This one will work without a hitch, but does this mean you won’t notice any difference? Well no, yes there will be a difference, although the truth is that it will be very small.

Mike Fitzgerald, CTO at Insomniac Games, has openly commented on Twitter that he already has done some tests on Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart with different SSD drives, and that the results it has obtained are very positive. If we use an SSD that meets that requirement of 5.5 GB / s of read speed, the load times and performance that we will obtain will be practically the same as with the SSD that PS5 brings.

Is it a bad idea to use a slow SSD with your PS5?

Well it all depends on how demanding you are, since the performance difference is not as great as we might expect. According to Fitzgerald, using a slow SSD with your PS5 can make charging times up to 15% slower, but only in those sections that make more intensive use of said component and that are, therefore, more demanding.

Nonetheless, Mike recommends that we go for a quality, high-performance SSD storage drive because, in the end, their games they are going to have a great dependency on that component. This notice is quite interesting to me, and it makes me think that they may have some interesting projects for PS5 with which they will surprise us in the medium or long term, and that will revolve around the PS5 SSD.

If you wonder if everything the whole I / O interface and PS5 decompression tools work with external SSD The answer is yes, Fitzgerald himself has confirmed. This helps us better understand why the difference in performance between an SSD that meets that minimum requirement of 5.5 GB / s for sequential read speed, and one that does not meet that level, is so low.

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