Ubisoft and Bungie sue Ring-1, a company that sells illegal cheats and mods for Destiny 2 or Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft and Bungie sue Ring-1, a company that sells illegal cheats and mods for Destiny 2 or Rainbow Six Siege

One of the great scourges of online multiplayer titles is cheating and the use of illegal tricks, something for which many players are banned. This, unfortunately, destroy the gaming experience in COD Warzone, Destiny 2 or Rainbow Six Siege, to give examples.

The most serious thing is that there are companies that they facilitate these illegal tricks and mods in exchange for money. It is the case that Ring-1, which sells cheat packages to players of these online multiplayer titles, and which is already in demand by some companies.

In fact, Ubisoft and Bungie have filed a joint lawsuit against Ring-1, claiming that these tricks not only go against the regulations and terms of use of the games, but that ”destroy customer experience and interests

These practices harm and destroy not only the gaming experience, but also the plaintiffs’ overall business and reputation between their respective communities of players” can be read in the lawsuit against Ring-1.

Ring-1 has specialized in sell cheats for Destiny 2 or Rainbow Six Siege, among which we find weapon mods, skins, cosmetics or aim-bots, all of them included in hacks packages that are sold for real money.

But be careful, because the two titles mentioned are not the only ones affected. On the Ring-1 website we can also see cheat packages for Rust, COD Warzone, PUBG or Dead by Daylight, among many other PC and console games, which they are sold at 75 euros each.

Rust Console Edition

At the moment, neither Ubisoft nor Bungie have specified the amount of money they will ask for in compensation, but will amount to millions of dollars. In addition to hacks, Ring-1 has also committed a crime of copyright infringement.

This is one more example of the video game companies’ fight against the use of cheats, something that also we can see usually with COD Warzone. Already in the past, Tencent collaborated with the Chinese police, closing a company similar to Ring-1 after a millionaire lawsuit.

Source: GameSpot

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