The Tokyo 2020 Olympics becomes the first pirated 8K content

Ceremonia JJOO Tokio 2020

Being one of the few major events recovered after the pandemic, without a doubt the opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games It has been one of the biggest milestones of this year, offering us an enormous spectacle and human and technological deployment. However, although broadcast around the world, only a lucky few in Japan had a chance to see it in ultra-high 8K resolution. Up to now.

And it seems that this ceremony has been awarded another great milestone, becoming the first 8K content hacked, as reported from Torrentfreak, already appearing on various websites and accommodations in the world of piracy, gradually expanding its presence through torrent portals.

Specifically, it comes from the TrollUHD group, known for its high-resolution releases, with a file for the complete ceremony that reaches a total size of up to 135 Gigabytes (which will imply a certain waiting time for those interested in getting it), keeping the HLG format and the 22.2 surround audio of the original stream from the Japanese public broadcaster NHK.

However, while managing to distribute this first pirated 8K content is quite a milestone, the intended audience is still quite small. And it is that downloading the file requires access to a fairly hermetic private community, to which is added the fact that the vast majority of users do not have the necessary hardware to really support the reproduction of this type of video and audio.

Although the International Olympic Committee and the organization of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics itself continue to work hard to eliminate and block pirated content, as we all know, these networks are much deeper than they may seem, being practically impossible to eliminate a once the contents reach them. So, as much as is the possible start of a new trendGiven the current still small impact, this problem does not appear to escalate for now.

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