Shooter game lovers are in luck, because there seems to be a really promising title in development. Which one? Well, at the moment it does not have a name, but it has been seen in detail.

In case you don’t know them, Vreski is a small Swedish studio that launched in 2019 a very eye-catching title honoring Asian action cinema. The Hong Kong Massacre brought us zenith doses of bullets, explosions and cinematic references united under mechanics seen on Hotline Miami or Max Payne.

Now, it seems that the Malmo studio is focused on its next project, under a new perspective, but if to abandon that of hitting shots left and right. A first look at his new first person shooter has left a very good feeling.

The technical and audiovisual aspects promise to generate portentous scenes full of details, explosions and particles everywhere. The project has no name, as we have already mentioned, but four clips have allowed us to see different scenes.

The studio work seems to have focused on shootouts very much like Max Payne, with plank jumps against the ground while wielding dual pistols and in transferring some of the aspects seen in The Hong Kong Massacre, but in the first person.

Completely exaggerated environmental destruction, that could delight fans of the wildest blockbusters in cinema, is another of its most striking features. Of course, we will not lose detail of what promises to be one of the action titles within this genre in the coming years.

What did you think of this first look? Would you play this title? For now, if you’ve been caught off guard, don’t hesitate to take a look at our review of The Hong Kong Massacre for PS4 and PC.

At the moment, it is unknown when or how this FPS will be released. We remember that Max Payne has turned 20 years old and the face and voice of the character thanked the fans for the caiño.

Source: ResetEra