The community of the FromSoftware game saga, specialized in Genus Soulsborne, it never ceases to amaze. With their ingenuity, they leave us examples of how to beat Artorias with piano and without blows and even Luality, a streamer with her dance mat, defeated the Fiery Stalker from Demon’s Souls.

Now, that is the ability to complete the game with anything, since years ago other things have been seen with Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2 completing the games with guitars, shuttlecocks, bongos, voice commands, etc. Yes indeed,how is that to do it blind?

Nothing happens if the game resists you, or if you have just completed it after many attempts, it is just that there is always someone who ends up dominating it. That someone this time is him speedrunner Mitchriz, with a achievement very difficult to define with words.

It has cost him many hours of practice, specifically, it has been 100 hours in total. But in the end, between expertise, experience and the odd homemade solution, he has been able to complete the game while you have been blind.

And no, you are not reading wrong or anything like that, the same speedrunner has recorded and shared the moment. With a mask that prevented him from seeing the game, he has been able to overcome the challenges and such a feat can be seen on his YouTube channel.

Through the video that we leave you just below, and with a duration of almost 5 hours, the video has titled it “First blind Sekiro in the world“. Good, why say nothing more for now, we better leave you with the video in question.

Trusting purely on his instincts, the sound signals and everything that he had in his memory -as well as the knowledge of the game- Mitchriz has completed the game without having to see anything of it.

As it may be obvious, has opted for the ending Shura of Sekiro. This is about the shortest ending of the game and it also allows players to dodge some of the toughest enemies.

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¿What do you think about having completed Sekiro blindly?? Despite everything, it is a feat that requires a lot of skill and knowledge

Source: Twinfinite