A fan shares a map with all the locations of the Fallout saga, from the original to Fallout 76

A fan shares a map with all the locations of the Fallout saga, from the original to Fallout 76

The Fallout saga is one of the most legendary in the western RPG genre, after a series of titles that won the affection of a legion of players. The success of Fallout 76 has led a fan to collect all the locations in the franchise.

Set in different parts of the United States, Fallout is a clear exponent of the post-apocalyptic genre, which in each installment has brought together winks, references and real locations of the American country.

User crNberry shared on Reddit a huge map that gathers all the main locations of the Fallout saga. It starts with the original PC games, but also includes Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, Fallout 4, Fallout 76 and even canceled games like Van Buren.

This map is a long journey through different locations of the franchise, now owned by Bethesda, recreating Appalachia from Fallout 76, Washington DC from Fallout 3, Commonwealth from Fallout 4 and much more. If you are a fan, we are sure you will love it.

An interesting point is that this map helps us get an idea of ​​where Fallout 5 will be set, or the rumored Fallout New Vegas 2. There are quite a few Midwest locations still ” free ”, so let your imagination run wild about it.

The most incredible thing is that crNberry has also taken into account some secondary games of the saga, and even canceled titles. There are remains of the Fallout 3 by Interplay (Van Buren), references to Fallout Brotherhood of Steel, Fallout Tactics or the different DLC of several deliveries.

As a note, in the comments some users comment that some locations are not well fixed. For instance, Nuka World is closer to Boston than we see on the map, and we see how Georgia, Florida and Louisiana are still “virgins” … waiting perhaps for Fallout 5.

It is even possible that the next Fallout will not be environment in the United States (although unlikely). We have the example in Fallout London, a huge Fallout 4 mod that takes the action to British territory.

Source: Reddit

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