The film adaptation of Batgirl It’s been a long time in the making at Warner. Years ago, and while the director had the blessing of Warner, it was revealed that Joss Whedon would be in charge of developing the film about the Gotham superhero.

However, Whedon eventually got off the bandwagon and the project went fallow. These years have been raising possible scripts and it is seen that finally one of them has penetrated, since finally the Batgirl movie already has directors and it seems that it will be released directly on HBO Max.

Not much is known about the production yet, only that Leslie Grace will be the protagonist of the film and that there are rumors that the story could be connected in some way with The Batman. If this were true, both films would be within their same shared micro-universe, but a new rumor about the cast of batgirl movie makes this theory difficult.

As reported The Hollywood Reporter, JK Simmons would be negotiating with the studio his return as the Commissioner Gordon. Simmons already played Gordon in the original version of Justice League and also in Zack Snyder’s Justice League and could reprise the role in the new Batgirl movie. The actor already revealed in 2019 in an interview that he had signed on to play Gordon in three films, and that he also hoped to be able to return to DC movies in the future, so his appearance in Batgirl it would make sense.

Matt Reeves’ The Batman has Jeffrey Wright as its own Commissioner Gordon and is considered to be outside the “official canon” of the DC Extended Universe, so if Simmons finally appears in Batgirl, this casting decision would involve the inclusion of the new HBO Max movie within this continuity with Wonder Woman or Aquaman.

The script of Batgirl is developed by Christina Hodson, who is also in charge of the script of The Flash, so it is possible that all these films are related within the “Snyderverse” of DC. The film about the Gotham superhero is expected to premiere directly on the streaming platform in 2022.