In half of all the mob that not to leave since the State of California filed a lawsuit against Activision Blizzard for discrimination against women, nothing has been relaxed. Apparently, Blizzard had latch-less lactation rooms, the men entered and just stared.

Now, and after the report of which we already informed you about the images of the chat and the Blizzard “Suit Cosby” leaked, from IGN present yet another. Although World of Warcraft will have changes to remove inappropriate references, this report shows that the team was “untouchable“.

A source close to Blizzard states that the World of Warcraft team was an example of this practice. “WoW makes money, so those people were untouchable, which means they could walk away with a lot behind them.“, they count from IGN.

In the same way, if you were a veteran, like most in the direction of WoW, you were in ‘the family’ and nothing happened to you, a breeding ground for situations like these“. A woman who worked in the hourly service positions also spoke about the It was distressing that his boss approved time off to go to the doctor.

An ultrasound raised certain complications in the baby, so they told him that he should come back in two weeks for another checkup; but at Blizzard they denied it. It is remembered “crying in the waiting room“try to explain that Blizzard wouldn’t let him go to his appointments despite having paid time off.

Another source that has already left Blizzard, spoke of lactation rooms without locks. “Men were coming in, there was no stopping it. They kept looking and I had to yell at them to leave“From IGN they say they want to understand that these lactation rooms will have already been improved with locks.

As IGN reported other times, Blizzard tended to treat its developers in a special way, while the support team they have suffered the brunt of cuts and layoffs. This put more pressure on everyone, but especially marginalized groups.

I think it’s very easy attract economically vulnerable people, who really believe that what they do is good. And there was a lot of pressure to make it happen, and turn it, into a job“, commented another source.

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To some extent, many people give Blizzard passions and positive connotations“said another source,”and that makes them identify with the company, which creates all this dynamic of harmful behaviors, which lead to dynamics of power and abuse“.