Many updates and patches serve to remove bugs and bugs, however, some updates generate precisely the opposite effect. This is what has happened in Red Dead Online, where the horses are behaving erratically.

The multiplayer title associated with Red Dead Redemption 2 has launched its Blood Money update, which adds a lot of new features. However, there is one that was not covered in the patch notes and that has become apparent to many players.

Players’ horses have been suffering a lot of failures. There are all kinds of examples, from disappearances all over the map, to suspicious deaths. Many players claim to have seen equine carcasses scattered around the Frontier.

But these are not the only strange behaviors on record. Some videos show that multiplayer horses they are dedicated to running around the map without a set course, which generates funny situations. There is more traffic than usual in the Wild West.

It all appears to be a horse cloning bug that could be related to the stables. The theories seen on Reddit agree that an animation when the horse is left in the building indicates how that same animal escapes from it. It could also be the result of the disconnection of the players.

Hopefully everything will be solved as quickly as possible, since, despite the fact that it is a bug that does not bother excessively, except for the unfortunate man in the video, it does manage to get the player out of the immersion that has done so much good to the game since its premiere.

In case you don’t know everything that the new update has included, do not hesitate to take a look at Blood Money that brings criminal opportunities and much more.