Could Thanos return to the MCU? Marvel comics show a way to bring it back

Could Thanos return to the MCU?  Marvel comics show a way to bring it back

Before facing the insanities of the Multiverse and the infinite possibilities of time, heMarvel superheroes had to fight one of the most powerful villains in comics that, in the UCM, was about to erase, to the middle of the universe forever.

Of course we are talking about Thanos, one of the most powerful, but also most cruel antagonists of the comics, who ended up dying in the cinema in Avengers: Endgame, but who continues to give headaches in the comics as can be seen in the new series from Los Eternos.

[SPOILERS de Eternals #6]

In the last issue of this series written and created by Kieron Gillen, Esad Ribic, and Matthew Wilson, Thanos manages to return to the world of the living after having fallen with Proxima Midnight into a black hole. But, How do you get it? Well, thanks to the help of one of the Eternals, Phastos, who wants to see his entire race destroyed.

In a flashback, Thanos can be seen on an operating table with his chest open, having fallen through the black hole, at that moment Phastos explains to the titan that he has connected him to the Great Machine but that if he dies, this time he will no longer be able to resurrect him. The scientist explains that he can restore it completely but first he must make his wishes come true …

Considering that Phastos is one of The Eternals who are going to appear in the next MCU movie, played by Brian Tyree Henry, is there a chance that Thanos will try again to destroy the universe in theaters?

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