The news Star Wars live-action series have put more in the spotlight the different animation series that were overlooked by those fans of the Star Wars Universe more focused on the films, discovering numerous characters of relevance that are part of the canon of this vast galactic franchise.

Without going any further, in season 2 of The Mandalorian we could see Ahsoka Tano cross the path of Din djarin and the little one Grogu, whose story will continue in the next series Ahsoka, continuing with what was narrated in Star Wars Rebels by mentioning the Jedi who is looking for the Admiral Thrawn, responding to the great doubt of the fans about what happened with Ezra Bridger.

While it had been rumored for the past few days, finally has been confirmed that the actors Mena massoud (Aladdin, Warning, Strange But True) and Lars Mikkelsen (Something to believe in, The Witcher, Devils) will be the ones to play Ezra and Thrawn respectively in the next Star Wars series.

Although it is not specified in which series they will appear, it is more than evident that they will be part of the cast of the Ahsoka series, although it is not ruled out that we can see either of these characters (or both) in the third season of The Mandalorian or in the new Boba Fett’s book, for example.

At the end of Star Wars Rebels the young Jedi Ezra Bridger disappeared along with Thrawn and since then nothing has been heard of these characters. With Ahsoka looking for Thrawn to find the boy, we will finally know what happened to these characters.

What do you think Mena Massoud and Lars Mikkelsen play Ezra Bridger and Admiral Thrawn in the Star Wars series?