The theory that synchronizes Loki with Scarlet Witch and Vision almost perfectly

The theory that synchronizes Loki with Scarlet Witch and Vision almost perfectly

The end of season 1 of Loki is an invitation to Marvel fans to theorize at length about the past and what will happen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The branching of the Sacred Timeline it gives a lot of play.

That’s what a fan has done, who has come to TikTok to highlight a very bizarre coincidence between the final episodes of Scarlet Witch and Vision and Loki. Let’s recap.

In the final episode of Scarlet Witch and Vision, around the minute 27:30, Wanda begins to absorb the energy to finally crystallize as the Scarlet Witch, unveiling his plan during the fight against Agatha Harkness amidst a storm of magical thunder and lightning.

Let’s go to the final episode of Loki, minute 27:30. The one who remains (Immortus) interrupts his speech. Thunder is heard in the distance, which we attribute to the Timeline, although now we can give it another meaning. Soon after, the character of Jonathan Majors I’d say they “have crossed the line” of what I could foresee, so most of us buy that explanation.

We advance a little bit, until minute 28:14, where “He who remains” drops an object on the table in a way that might seem pretty random, but no.

We return to Scarlet Witch and Vision, minute 28:14. Agatha Harkness collapses from the heights, defeated by Wanda.

It is necessary to thread very fine to relate both series up to this level, we are aware. It could certainly be a coincidence very well detected by this user (BrianFantastic).

But, as the title of the next MCU series that will come to Disney Plus says: What if … it was not a coincidence?

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