Steam Deck ran the games from the SD card in the early tests and “they play well,” according to a Valve designer

Steam Deck ran the games from the SD card in the early tests and "they play well," according to a Valve designer

Steam Deck is one of the big announcements of this summer. The portable platform that acts as a PC will allow you to enjoy an immense amount of games from anywhere, something that has caught the attention of many consumers.

Steam’s play has taken a bit by surprise, but in just a few days we have been able to know almost by heart what the Steam Deck will consist of. The possibilities of this machine are wide and new statements invite future buyers to be optimistic.

Obviously, the Steam Deck announcement was accompanied by a few doubts and questions. Little by little all these issues have been resolved, including one related to SD cards. Steam Deck can be used from this memory unit, but will performance suffer?

Lawrence Yang, Valve’s product designer, has responded to this question on Twitter. One user was interested in whether the SD read and write speeds on the Steam Deck and whether games could be played solvently on these drives.

The Valve employee commented that, indeed, the games will play faster if they are in the internal storage of Steam Deck, but that if they come from the SD card, these will work very well. In addition, that performance stood out.

Yes, games will load faster from internal storage, but games still work great with an SD card. When IGN came along, all the games they tested (and the ones they filmed) were played with a microSD card, Yang commented.

Important news for all players hoping to get hold of the Steam Deck. It only remains to check the true difference between the performance of both units.

It has not been the only clarification that has been made with respect to Steam Deck and it is that it will have a better RAM memory than announced in the first instance and its interface will replace Big Picture, at some point.

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