Some theaters are using Spider-Man: No Way Home fan posters to promote Tom Holland’s movie

Sony trolls fans with trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home

There is a saying that goes: “In the absence of bread, good are cakes.” That’s what some (small) theater owners must think when choosing to promote Spider-Man: No Way Home, the new Marvel wall-crawler movie that will arrive on December 17.

Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios team up again to bring Spider-Man from Tom holland to the big screen in the sequel to Spider-Man: Far From Home, a film that was delayed due to the pandemic and was originally slated for release this July.

In addition to having a gazillion rumors circulating around Spider-Man: No Way Home, many especially related to the presence of characters from previous iterations of Spider-Man, there is another aspect that is characterizing the film of Jon watts.

That aspect is the total absence of promotional material. Despite still being five months before the film is released, the usual thing, taking into account the draft of the production, is that we would have had a poster or official trailer. Minimum one teaser.

But something must be brewing at Sony and Marvel for we have had so little official material today. Something that also affects cinemas, especially the smallest ones.

Through Twitter, Culture crave echoes the fact that two theaters are making use of Spider-Man: No Way Home fan posters to promote the film.

The cinemas in question are Cinepalace and Westown Movies, the latter in Delaware. Both rooms are using arts of OfAmazingSpidey and Nuno Sarnadas respectively, both the result of hopes and theories that circulate, but not confirmed.

It is not the first time that smaller theaters have made use of fan posters to promote a movie. Sometimes, it is done by mistake, others, due to the lack of material sent by the distributor (not much happens, but it happens). Of course, that with a movie as mediatic as Spider-Man: No Way home, the impact of these posters may be greater.

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