PineTime, the open source smartwatch is now available

PINE64 PineTime smartwatch open source

Still relegated to the background the dream of open source mobiles and wearables is still alive thanks to companies like Pine64, which continue to bet on this niche of expert users with the advent of devices like the PineTime, an open source smart watch that in exchange for sacrificing some of the comforts of other devices, offers us greater freedom in its software.

What started as a side project to the PineTab in 2019 soon became one of the company’s top priorities after the massive interest of consumers. And is that unlike other smart watches, the PineTime can be used with any other operating system that is designed for him.

And is that the company is updating this smart watch with the incorporation of the InfiniTime firmware in a “pre-flashed” way, together with a Flash memory of 512 KB and an additional one of 4 MB and 64 KB of RAM, and the presence of a NORDIC nRF52832 SoC with a 64 MHz ARM Cortex-M4F core.


Regarding its aesthetics, we will find a device practically identical to its predecessor, with a square body of 37.5 x 40 x 11 millimeters and a weight of 38 grams, built on a zinc alloy plastic frame, and a 1.3 inch size IPS touch screen with a resolution of 240 × 240 pixels capable of supporting up to 65,000 colors.

Thus, this smartwatch will have the typical features of these devices, including accelerometer, PPG heart rate and vibrator sensors, as well as some multimedia controls and notifications from the connected phone notifications.

For the connection, the PineTime will rely on a Bluetooth 5 connectivity with low consumption support, which will allow us to take full advantage of its 180 mAh LiPo battery, for which a proprietary 2-pin charger has already been confirmed and 5 volts to 500 milliamps via USB Type-A interface.

Although undoubtedly another of the great attractions of this open source smartwatch is its price, which is well below what we are used to seeing, will barely reach the $ 26.99 output (approximately 23 euros to change).

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