One Piece has already sold more copies of its cartoons than Batman in its entire history

One Piece has already sold more copies of its cartoons than Batman in its entire history

The otaku culture continues to gain followers around the globe, and one of the main franchises responsible for that success is One Piece, the manga created by Oda Eiichirō (Eiichirō Oda) and who follows the crew of the Straw hat on their adventures.

One Piece has become a global phenomenon, being one of the longest-running manga in history and replicating this success in the anime series that adapts the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and company.

Born in 1997, the story of One piece has sold a whopping 490 million copies all over the planet today, which makes it worthy of a very special title.

And it is that, as it collects ComicbookOne Piece has beaten Batman in sales figures, the DC character who was born in 1939 and who is an icon of comic book culture.

The Dark Knight accumulates the not inconsiderable figure of something more than 480 million copies sold, although its antiquity has not been worth it this time.

A curious detail that these figures leave us is that the vast majority of copies of One Piece are found (or have been sold) in Japan.

While it is not curious as such the fact that there are more sales in the country of origin than in the rest of the world (and more counting the level of manga consumption in Japan), the curious thing is that we are talking about 400 million copies in the country, while the other 90 million are in the rest of the world.

What do you think of the astonishing sales figures that One Piece already accumulates? Oda Eiichirō said that he wanted to finish the story in the next few years, so it is possible that Batman will regain the throne in the future.

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