Nintendo Switch will become the best-selling console in history in 2025, according to a new report

Nintendo Switch will become the best-selling console in history in 2025, according to a new report

That Nintendo Switch is sweeping in recent years is something that everyone already knows. Week after week and month after month the console of the big N is the most sold in number of territories and this does not seem to stop.

Neither the arrival of PS5 and Xbox Series X has been a real problem for the hybrid, which is already close to 90 million units sold. If it continues like this, it will soon surpass its older sister, Nintendo Wii, and if the hot streak continues, it will launch in search of Nintendo DS and PS2.

Ampere Analysis has predicted that Nintendo Switch will end up fulfilling its goal of becoming the best-selling console in history by 2025. This would mean overcoming the 155 million consoles sold, a true milestone within the sector, which has not been within reach of the most recent consoles.

Experts point out to the recently announced OLED model as the “culprit” of the future success of the Switch. Upgrading the flagship version of Switch will add more momentum to the platform and refresh it for the next few years of the cycle.commented Harding-Rolls, via Games Industry.

As discussed, the release of an improved version will mean 5 million consoles sold in the remainder of 2021 alone and it will also serve to attract a new audience and tempt those who already own a normal Switch or Lite model.

Do you think it is possible to beat the PS2 record that ranges between 155 and 157 million units sold? Switch already has a roof of the completed path and everything will depend on the titles that are coming to the console and Nintendo’s commercial strategy.

Recently an unexpected competitor has come up, Steam Deck, Valve’s move to bring the PC gaming market to the portable world. Will Switch accuse the competition?

Speaking of good sales, PS5 has already reached 10 million consoles sold in 35 weeks with, coincidentally, a sales volume very similar to that of Nintendo Switch.

Fountain: The Gamer

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