If you have an RTX 3090 graphics, you better not play Amazon New World

Amazon New World

Amazon New World, the MMO of the e-commerce giant, entered the closed beta phase yesterday and this increased interest in the video game. However, the most newsworthy have not been its characteristics, but the failures when running it on systems with the RTX 3090 GPU.

Amazon New World is an important title for the company’s aspirations to gain a foothold in the video game segment. The first development of Amazon Games Studios, is a game of massively multiplayer online role set in the mid-17th century in eastern British America.

The game looks good. It will use a B2P (Buy-To-Play) payment model without mandatory monthly subscription and will offer features of a modern MMORGP, exploration and colonization in the open world, search for resources and combat of all kinds, player against player, player against the environment, Large-scale siege battles with teams of up to 50 players and an engaging PvPvE “Outpost Assault” mode.

After more than a year of delay in the launch, this week it has entered the closed beta phase as an end point to prepare its availability next August 31. However, the game is giving more to speak for its failures than for its virtues. Curious bugs because they are reproduced with one of the most powerful graphics cards on the consumer market, the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090.

Have been reported malfunctions, crashes and even bricks on EVGA RTX 3090 FTW3 Ultra graphics cards, but also on models from other manufacturers that use this same chip. Affected users suggested that the unlimited frame rate in the game menu exacerbated the flaws in the power delivery design on these graphics cards.

Amazon has confirmed the issues: “We have received some reports of gamers using high performance graphics cards experiencing hardware failures when playing New World… The game makes standard DirectX calls as provided by the Windows API and we had not seen any indication of widespread problems with the 3090 , neither in beta nor during our many months of alpha testing ».

However, the problems are there and the mitigations go through limiting the FPS. Amazon has announced a patch that will put a strict limit on the frame rate as a definitive solution. For now, if you are the lucky owner of an RTX 3090, better wait for the patch and the final version of the game because EVGA cards (the most affected) have been seen with 100% use and alarming temperatures close to 100 degrees . Taking into account that these cards have a price of 2,000 euros (and more), caution is imposed in their use with this Amazon New World.

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