If you are a fan of Spider-Man, this comic brings together all those that exist: get the Spider-Man Universe comic for only 14 euros

If you are a fan of Spider-Man, this comic brings together all those that exist: get the Spider-Man Universe comic for only 14 euros

There is no doubt that Spider-Man is Marvel’s most famous superhero.. The wall-crawler conquers anyone with his striking suit, his powers and, above all, his humorous personality, very well defined and that anyone can identify.

And is there anything better than a Spider-Man? Well, many Spider-Man! If you liked the awesome movie Spider-Man: A New Universe and want to delve deeper into the spider-man comics, here is one of the best: Spider-Man Universe, which only costs 14 euros on Amazon.

Get the Spider-Man Universe comic for only 14 euros!

This comic is perfect for you if you know the Marvel world but don’t know where to start reading. And it is that the Marvel universe is very extensive and many fans have come to it through his films, but many times they do not even know where to start. Well, this is a good start.

It’s more, This comic is considered part of one of the best stages of Spider-Man, with a great drawing, hard cover and a delight of history, to be able to see so many Spider-Man together, each with their own overwhelming and very well defined personality.

But hey, and what is the Spider-Man Universe about? Well is a story created by Dan Slott (The Amazing Spiderman) and Olivier Coipel (Dynasty of M) in which Morlun, one of the most powerful supervillains Spider-Man has ever known, threatens every spider man and woman out there in the Multiverse, but this time he is not alone: ​​he has the family by his side.

Spider-Man Universe is a simply spectacular comic in which you can see every spider-man that ever existed: versions of television series, manga, cinema, the Amalgam universe, the What If … We see them all! Dan Slott and his collaborators don’t miss a Spider-Man.

What’s more, Dan Slott takes advantage and creates several more Spider-Man, including Spider-Gwen, the new Spider-Girl who is giving a lot to talk about. This new character is presented in Edge of Spider-Verse, the prelude to the Spider-Verse project and that we could see in the Sony movie.

Without a doubt, Spider-Man universe is a precious tribute to the entire history of the wall-crawler that allows to know even more about this iconic character, Marvel flag around the world. Take advantage of the fact 14 euros on Amazon and enjoy like never before with the most famous Marvel superhero.

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