Fortnite week 7 season 7: guide and how to complete all missions

Fortnite week 7 season 7: guide and how to complete all missions

It is time to start to overcome all those Fortnite Season 7 Week 7 Challenges, with both epic and legendary challenges that will come in handy to level up the battle pass.

There is plenty of variety when it comes to Week 7 challenges, including building hatcheries, collecting records, lighting bonfires, or collecting books, among many others.

We have already overcome all the challenges for you, and at a glance, we help you overcome all the challenges of week 7 of Fortnite so that you have them completed in just one afternoon.

Fortnite week 7 season 7: guide and how to complete all missions

Fortnite week 7 legendary challenges solution

Build a wooden hatchery seedbed

We simply have to go to any of the following locations on the map, and interact with the corresponding hatchery seedbed:

  • You have one on the island to the northwest of sandy cliffs, inside a cabin
  • Another you have it south of sticky swamp, also inside a cabin
  • You have another to the east of Rincón resentful, almost on the edge of the map, also inside a cabin

Mark an alien egg

We must ping an alien egg, and we can find a lot of them in a sacred hotbed, or if not at random in different areas of the map.

Collect records in pleasant park or sandy cliffs

We must collect a total of two discs either in a pleasant park or on sandy cliffs.

Discs in Pleasant Park


  • In the house in the northwest of the area, on the ground floor, in a room attached to the wall
  • We go right to the house that is next door, the one to the north of the area, and also on the ground floor, you must locate the room that is on the left, next to the stairs
  • We go to the next house, the one located just to the right of the previous one, and on the ground floor, you find the records in the same room where the sofa and the television are.
  • From the previous one, go down south, until you locate a blue wooden house, and on the ground floor, the discs are right at the main entrance
  • We have a few more records, which are in the white house with bricks, located just west of this area, and you have them pasted on the southern wall

Disks on sandy cliffs


  • To the west of the area, in that wooden house that is half destroyed, you will notice the discs stuck to the wall
  • In the warehouse of the NOMS store, more or less in the center of this area, you must break the garage door and you will see the discs as soon as you enter
  • To the east of the area, on the ground floor of the warehouse you can see, and you will find the discs on a metal shelf

Light bonfires near different nursery beds

You have to light two bonfires, and they are located next to the same cabins where the hatcheries of the first mission that we have completed are located, so go back to those same places and you will see the fire just outside these cabins .

Gather Fatherhood Books in Sacred Hotbeds or Commerce City

Two parenting books must be collected at any of these locations.

Fatherhood books in Ciudad Comercio


  • In the house located in the upper left corner of the area, on the ground floor, you will find the books in the room on the left as soon as we enter through the main entrance
  • More or less in the center of Ciudad Comercio, where the bank of improvements, you will find another pile of books
  • In the house that is located just south of the taco restaurant, or just west of the basketball court, you will find the pile of books in a room to the right as you enter through the main entrance.
  • In the McGuffins bookstore, which is located to the east of this same area, you will find the pile of books on the floor as soon as you enter through the main entrance, specifically near the counter.

Fatherhood books in sacred seedbed


  • In the northernmost house, on the ground floor, next to a bookcase
  • In the house located just in the upper right corner, in the garage
  • In the house to the southeast, next to a bookcase
  • From the previous one, go to the house that is on the left and on the ground floor, next to a bookcase you will see them

Epic quests solution from week 7

Use a recon scanner to find an opponent

We must first locate a reconnaissance scanner that can come out in the area where there are OI guards, and once we have it, use it near an enemy.

Visit Campo Calígine, Spiteful Corner and Camp haddock in the same game

These three areas are located in the southern area of ​​the map, and you should not have problems visiting them in a single game, we will point them out on the map:


Register ammo boxes

We need to register five boxes of ammo, and you will overcome this challenge naturally in your games.

Defeat Punkarra

You must locate and defeat this NPC that is located on the bridge east of Campo Calígine, as we indicated on the map:


Reach top speed in a whiplash

You must locate one of those vehicles, which appear randomly on the map and bring it to maximum speed by activating the turbo in a straight. It is a futuristic sports car.

Complete Whiplash Time Trials

Go to Sleeping Pools, which is where this time trial appears, and specifically at this point that we indicate on the map begins the challenge where you will have to see a kind of blue clock. Realize that we need to meet the challenge with this sports car.


So with this you already have the solution to all the challenges of week 7 of Fortnite so you can complete them in just one afternoon, without complications.

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