Anna Torv, protagonist of Fringe and Mindhunter, will be Tess in the series The Last of Us

Anna Torv, protagonist of Fringe and Mindhunter, will be Tess in the series The Last of Us

The Last of Us series for HBO, currently filming, adds a new member to its filming, for a character highly remembered by players: Tess. Will be Anna torv, Australian actress known for her roles in series such as Mindhunter and Fringe, where she was the protagonist for 5 seasons.

Torv will play Tess, the smuggler who helps Joel smuggle guns into Boston and introduces Joel to the girl Ellie, with whom he will set out on a long and heartbreaking journey across America. Joel will be played by Pedro Pascal (The Mandalorian) and Ellie for Bella Ramsey (Game of Thrones).

In the original 2013 video game, Tess was played by Annie Wersching, known from the series 24.

The series is already filming, with the script by Craig Mazin (Chernobyl) and Neil Druckmann, and it will be one of the most ambitious series in history, with six months of pre-production, twelve of filming, and astronomical figures in its budget.

There are still two directors to be announced for the 10 episodes that the first (and only?) season will have. Kantemir Balagov, Russian director of the film A Great Woman (2019), with which he won the Best Director award at Cannes, will direct the pilot episode of the series. Jasmila Žbanić and Ali Abbasi will also direct the series.

The cast will be completed Gabriel Luna (Terminator: Dark Fate, Ghost Rider in Agents of SHIELD) playing Tommy, Merle dandridge (The Flight Attendant, Greenleaf) repeating the role of the leader of the Fireflies, Marlene and Nico Parker (Dumbo, The Third Day) playing Sarah, Joel’s daughter.

According to Balagov, the series will premiere in 2022, and will stand out in its character development, detracting from the action. In a podcast, Druckmann explained that this was the reason why the previous project to adapt the video game, a film produced by Sam Raimi, failed.

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