An Earthbound 64 fan spends $ 357 to watch a 25-second gameplay of the canceled Nintendo 64 game

An Earthbound 64 fan spends $ 357 to watch a 25-second gameplay of the canceled Nintendo 64 game

Earthbound is one of those sagas that continue to be remembered by many Nintendo fans, but that, little by little, is fading in the memory of many because it has been set aside over the years.

Despite this, there are always those who do everything to continue giving life to the franchise that gave us so many good experiences in the past. A fan of Earthbound (Mother in Japan) has managed to get a unique piece related to him canceled Nintendo 64 game.

In a Japanese auction, said fan managed to get hold of a CD-ROM containing images of Earthbound 64. Although the auction began for the figure of 18 dollars, this material ended up rising to $ 357.

Zen, that’s the name of the fan who managed to get hold of this gameplay, he has done a good favor to the rest of the lovers of this saga and posted this look, which hasn’t disappointed. The images come from the Spaceworld 1997 exhibit.

Despite the briefness of the small advance, it’s only 25 seconds of video without any sound, it is a unique material that has excited many. And it is that, incidentally, the material reflects a great quality considering that it is a Nintendo 64 game.

Recall that the title was canceled as soon as the millennium began. Earthbound, Mother 3 in the country of the rising sun, would come to Game Boy with an exclusive launch of that territory. Would you like to see more material from this game?

Meanwhile, fans of the saga continue to clamor for Nintendo to revive this particular saga. But for the moment it is time to revive more material of the ambitious game in question and that is that a couple of years ago he returned to throw more material to the loyal fans.

Fountain: Kotaku

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