It seems incredible, but more than 40 years have passed since Star Wars episode IV: A New Hope, known in 1977 by its original title, Star Wars, was released in theaters around the planet.

The franchise created by George Lucas It has changed a lot since what could be seen in the first film, presenting a universe in continuous expansion and with a huge number of characters that have fallen in love (and horrified) the fans.

Despite the fact that Star Wars is clearly fantastic science fiction, in all these years there has been some debate about its “scientific precision”. A debate that is like arguing about the historical accuracy of a fairy tale …

A few days ago, a video of The Tonight Show in which Carl sagan, the astronomer and astrophysicist who presented the program Cosmos, criticized back in 1978 some aspects of the George Lucas film.

In the video, Sagan highlights the fact that the Star Wars movie was set “a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away,” but that most of its inhabitants were humans like us, something that, in his opinion, it was practically impossible.

Sagan also criticized the fact that all humans who appeared in the original film (remember, episode IV), were white, calling the situation “human chauvinism.”

Some fans saw in Sagan’s words a “prophetic statement, ahead of its time”, although representative themes were already in vogue in the 70s in film and television (Do not think that it is a current issue).

Sagan, moreover, was one of the voices that anticipated with enough scientific precision the consequences of climate change that, unfortunately, we are suffering in our times.

The representation in Star Wars has changed over the years. He did it imminently with the inclusion of Lando calrissian in The Empire Strikes Back, but more non-Caucasian characters would follow.