After learning that Among Us will only be available with a free trial in the United States for Nintendo Switch Online, the company’s account in Spain has confirmed that Two Point Hospital will be the game that we can test for a limited time.

As many of you already know, Nintendo Switch Online users benefit from some unique advantages and features within the hybrid console. One of them are weekly free trials that Nintendo regularly promotes.

After having announced that three new Super Nintendo games arrive on the virtual console of Switch on July 28, we have been able to learn that Two Point Hospital will be the game that will star in Europe in the new monthly test.

Therefore, if you are a Switch Online subscriber, you can download Two Point Hospital for free from the eShop and play with the title from July 28 to August 3. Do you know this management and simulation title?

Two Point Hospital is a game where we will be those in charge of creating our own health center and organize everything that a hospital management entails: hiring staff, equipping rooms and beds, managing the happiness and health of patients …

There are many tasks to be done and it is a game that you can dedicate dozens of hours to. These tests are usually always accompanied by a discount on the game, in case it manages to convince those who have tried it.

The title is the heir to Theme Hospital and a game that has earned a few positive notes from the press and players. In case you are curious, do not hesitate to take a look at our analysis.

These types of tests have been strengthened in recent months, although from Nintendo they claim to be working on making Switch Online more attractive for interested players.