The world of the wearable has returned to be a trend with the announcement of Nintendo Switch OLED and Steam Deck only a few days apart. And in this whole market, it has crept in again PS Vita with two meaningful releases.

The Sony console, which is no longer the protagonist for the vast majority of the current market in the sector, was the epicenter of the controversy when the company announced the closure of the PS Store. Later the decision would be reversed, but not a measure that takes effect today, July 20.

The PlayStation Vita PS Store will remain open, but the Asian giant will no longer support digital game releases starting today. That is why the last two confirmed releases of the console in digital format have attracted attention.

Sony’s laptop gets Russian Subway Dogs and Ultra Mission, two titles that despite moving away from major blockbusters have attracted attention due to their arrival at this very important moment for the console.

In case you are curious, Russian subway dogs It is a title where we will control stray dogs in the Moscow metro. With an arcade theme, the player can steal food from travelers through a campaign mode and a procedurally generated add-on.

Talking about Ultra Mission, is a purely arcade infinite shoot’em up that has been inspired by the great classics of the genre. Both games have been developed by indie studios: Spooky Squid Games and Gumbo Machine, respectively.

Russian subway dogs

There may be the possibility that a few more will be released in the remainder of the day, but it does not seem the case. We are before the latest PS Vita releases on your Store. This chapter becomes part of the slow and agonizing death of PS Vita, which also recently suffered another severe setback.

As we mentioned before, the presentation of the Nintendo Switch OLED has been a wake-up call for the players of the Sony console and is that the fans of PS Vita reacted with the announcement of the new version of the hybrid from Nintendo.

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