Last week F1 2021, Codemasters’ Formula 1 simulator, was launched now at EA home. And it was a remarkable version, especially in new generation consoles, where it offers two visual modes, favoring performance or graphic quality, reaching 4K at 60 fps or 1440p at 120 fps.

Of course, incomprehensibly, the ray tracing is absent in gameplay of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S versions (yes it’s on PC), limiting itself to only reruns and the showroom, where we can see the cars in great detail.

Right now, in addition, it is not on PS5 in any way. And is that the latest game patch, 1.04, ha temporarily disabled ray tracing on PS5, because it affected the stability of a limited number of users on PS5. They hope to be able to reinstate him soon after making the difficult decision.

The PC and Xbox Series X versions will continue with ray tracing, although as we said, it is ray traced that way, because not available while we play, only in the repetitions. Maybe they can implement it for F1 2022, with the injection of resources from Electronic Arts?

The patch 1.04, available on PC and PlayStation, later on Xbox, fixes a bug that caused corrupt save data if you edited the liveries of the cars from the My Team headquarters. The save data that had been affected before can be used again after the patch, so everything is well solved.

Here you can read our analysis of F1 2021, which is available on PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One and PC, and which stands out for the improvement of the technical handling of cars, although its game modes, like the new and filmmaker Braking Point, have known little.

Fountain: VGC