Last July 9th landed in the cinemas Black Widow, the marvel movie starring Scarlett Johansson, who said goodbye to his character Natasha romanoff after more than ten years playing the spymaster.

In addition to hitting theaters, Disney Plus Simultaneously premiered Black Widow through its Premium access. Paying € 21.99 Additionally, Disney Plus subscribers can watch the movie from the comfort of their homes.

During the first weekend, Black widow It didn’t seem to have major problems with this simultaneous release format, but the story has changed quite a bit on the second weekend.

With a 65% drop in box office revenue (in the United States), Black Widow has seen the biggest drop in revenue of any movie in the world. Marvel Cinematic Universe till the date.

As collected The Hollywood Reporter, the National Association of Theater Owners has directly pointed to the film’s Disney Plus premiere as responsible for this revenue slump.

The owners of the cinemas have demanded that Disney abandon this premiere format for their great films, arguing, in addition, that it encourages piracy through shared passwords or traditional piracy.

The situation in cinemas, despite not being as dramatic as a few months ago, is still very complicated. It is normal for owners to try to resume the old cycle of premieres, moving any large production away from streaming platforms while it is being shown in their theaters.

What do you think? Do you think Disney should put aside its Premium Access format to give some space to the showrooms?