Steam deck, Valve’s laptop PC, can now be reserved in its three versions, from 64, 256 and 512 GB. Now, it seems that in addition to MicroSD card slot, this machine will also feature a M.2 SSD slot and in this way you can exchange your SSDs.

Via Reddit, a user sent an email to Gabe Newell asking for Interchangeable SSD, to which was answered affirmatively. The president of Valve confirmed that there will be this type of M.2 slots.

Anyway, be very careful with this Since according to workers at Valve, this alters the product warranty. Something that perhaps many consider normal, since this will replace an internet component “unofficially“.

However, another user responded to the latter stating that this was not entirely correct. Be that as it may, later we will have official confirmations on all this. For now, we are left with this and, with something else, since Valve is very aware of sticks and their problems.

At Valve they work hard to avoid drift: “We didn’t want to risk it, did we? And I’m sure our clients wouldn’t want it either“Speaking to Valve, in IGN have made sure to ask this around the steam deck design.

We have done thousands of reliability tests, on all fronts, movements and different climates and all that kind of thing.“, said his engineer Yazan Aldehayyat.”We think they will perform very well and I think the players will be very happy about it.“.

It’s going to be a great buy, that is, obviously each part will have a fault at some point, but we believe that the players will be very satisfied and happy with everything“. To which the Steam Deck designerJohn Ikeda added something around the parts during the arduous process.

We have purposely chosen something that we know will perform well, haven’t we? We didn’t want to take risks about it, did we? Since this is sure that our clients will not want us to take risks with it.“.

Steam Deck can run any PC program. “We see it as a new category in the PC space”

As we say, almost nothing else has been said since Steam Deck will be presented and, in fact, it seems to have had a good number of reservations. Taking into account that is currently only available in North America, UK and EuropeWhat do you think?