Arcadegeddon is the first PS5 game to use FidelityX Super Resolution technology on PS5, the equivalent of Nvidia’s DLSS.

Arcadegeddon is the first PS5 game to use FidelityX Super Resolution technology on PS5, the equivalent of Nvidia's DLSS.

Arcadegeddon, a new cooperative shooter that was announced during the last State of Play, has announced its patch notes 0.1.3. The game is available in Early Access via PS5 and PC, but in the console it will have AMD FidelityX Super Resolution, equivalent to Nvidia DLSS.

AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) uses advanced scaling technologies to increase frame rates in games. Thus, you guarantee excellent quality experiences in high resolution without the need to change the Graphic card.

It is similar to Nvidia DLSS Since its supersampling renders the AI ​​and increases the graphics performance thanks to the dedicated AI processors in the RTX. Therefore, it increases the FPS and generates attractive and sharp images in games.

East FidelityX Super Resolution has been one of the novelties in Arcadegeddon, but not only on PS5, on PC it has also been implemented. Similarly, some changes have been made to the balance of the game and various problems have been fixed in it.

It is novel because now the Sony’s new console will also have this AMD FSR technology available. We leave you with the rest of the patch notes.

  • [PC] Added maximum FPS option to video options.
  • [PS5] Fixed an issue where PS + was required to play solo.
  • Set of optimized textures.
  • Fixed an issue with the initial challenge “Join the game“, since it was not completed if it was done in a group.
  • For the non-broken state, starting a solo or party game should automatically complete when you return to Gilly.
  • Fixed an issue with the HUD asking to Apply Option Changes when they haven’t been made.
  • Fixed an issue with Simulation Scores, as they would not work out if someone left the game before the other team finished.
  • Fixed an issue with the HUD not showing up when launching a boss.
  • Fixed various unexpected HUD crashes.
  • Fixed crashes related to Shock Weapons and Electric Balls in Central Nerve.
  • Fixed a crash related to burn and freeze effects.
  • Fixed an issue involving players taking damage.
  • Fixed a bug related to weapon data replication.
  • Fixed a crash when selecting null targets.

In addition, now on PC they are also taking into account requests from some players. For example, when binding keys, since they affirm it is very requested. It will take some time, but they know that it is something that the players ask a lot.

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